Root Uni can help yo'u figure out which subjects to choose. Soon you will be able to type in the degree you desire and Root Uni will show you which subjects you need, read the "What is coming soon?" section for more info.

Grade 10 is a great opportunity to start thinking about what you want to study very seriously and just because you chose a subject in grade 9, doesn't mean you can't change over in Grade 10. Its not too late! Spend time browsing through the degrees and make sure you set realistic goals for yourself, work hard at your subjects and take control of your future!

Yes. Root Uni is 100% free!

This is it! Its crunch time! If you're certain that you want to get a university degree, this is the year that you need to work your butt off to make sure you meet the minimum requirements of your degree. Make sure that you choose your favorite degree options and check it regularly to make sure you know what the minimum requirements are.

At Grade 11 level, many universities begin their provisional acceptance processes. This means that you will need to start thinking very hard about which degree you would like to do and then make sure that you work hard enough to meet the minimum requirements on those degrees!

Yes! For the universities that do require accounting as a subject, they will often still accept you if you get an exceptionally high mark in mathematics, for example.

Yes! For the universities that do require Physical science and/or Life Science as a subject, they will often still accept you if you get an exceptionally high mark in mathematics, for example.

Yes! Lots of our users are parents and teachers that have their kid's best interest in mind. If you are checking admission possibilities on behalf of someone else, make sure that the marks you enter are accurate.

Universities - More than double the amount of institutions - The most accurate & updated prerequisites Qualification Accuracy: - Personalized calculation methods within faculties - NBT (AL, QL & MAT scores) - Demographic considerations University Functions: - Apply to the tertiary institutions of your choice for the course that you'd like to study, all through the Root Uni site! - Updated, useful information such as open days, tuition fees and application information. Results Comparisons: - A nifty feature that allows you to view your marks next to required marks of the desired course. Root Uni's Subject Chooser: - An amazing way for you to choose which subjects to take by navigating through our professionally tailored system. - Basic Aptitude Test Coming Soon Section: - A page that keep you updated with all the latest features and ideas where you can give us your thoughts and tell me what you're most excited about! Other: - Bug fixes - Enhancements - Responsiveness updates - Pagenation fixes

Unfortunately not. Root Uni provides the minimum requirements of marks only and acts as a filter filter for admission. Many universities consider many other factors when accepting students into university for a specific course.